Moving forward

What an amazing adventure to be on! We’re moving forward, but were going to be wise and cautious in our decisions. Tomorrow we are looking at 4 homes that have what we need as a family and adequate space for the Da Vincineers! We’ve got our name trademark submitted. We have a lawyer willing to help us figure out transportation and the legal aspects with our home pro bono (God bless her!). We’ve had several wonderful offers for help with website design and marketing. I am looking into vans and short buses for the program as well. I also have been talking with the financial planner and am looking forward to learning from her! I have ZERO experience in doing anything other than paying bills! 🙂

Also, we’re excited to be working on the silent auction for Mary! Mary doesn’t have anything to do with the Da Vincineers, but she has everything to do with my passion for children. I met this sweet, older orphan when I brought my kids home from Ghana nearly 3 years ago. It was so hard to see her heart break as family and family came for everyone BUT her. I never forgot her and our family has prayed for her daily. She has a family that met her the same way we did and wants to adopt her but are seriously limited by funds. They want to adopt her brother too! My first order of business when I get my Macy’s million is to get the homestudy paid for so they can move forward and I’m currently organizing a silent auction called “Sweet Treats for Sweet Mary” in our town, but with donations coming from our area and across the nation. If you’re interested in helping in any way (time, money or donations), please email us at Also, you can make a direct donation to Mary and Joseph’s adoption at Then select “other” and in the designation type “Grace Fund for Mary.” Let’s get this amazing girl home to her family as soon as possible!


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