Non-profit Status- Score! A Home!

I am constantly in amazement at this adventure I am living, currently called my life! Today I was blessed to meet with a Score mentor to help me on the first steps to get my non-profit status going. A Da Vincineer Page Facebook fan ( please go here and press “like” at the top if you haven’t already!) suggested to me, which is a mentorship service for those wanting to start or grow a business. My experience was great and I hope you’ll check them out if you are wanting to start your own business or need some advice. It is FREE! As soon as I completed my online forms, a mentor contacted me ready to help within 12 hours. I met with him today and so I begin the process of forming Da Vincineers, a non-profit organization!

My first step will be to create my vision statement and then I need to get my Board of Directors together. Once those steps are complete I can begin the official application process. After I apply, I should be able to be ready to go in 6 weeks. Perfect! This non-profit status will allow for anyone that wants to support our scholarship programs to donate to Da Vincineers and get a tax deduction for it. I will still be able to pay my teachers for their work and donate my own funds in a specified way so that my money will go to where I want it to go, while the foundation we’ll be forming will direct and make decisions about the other donated funds and the programs itself.

We also have an agreement to purchase a home, contingent on the Macy’s funds coming through, which will be perfect for the Da Vincineers. It has a great triple garage and RV parking for a van (though right now it looks like we might be able to partner with local churches to use their vehicles for the program- this is a maybe, but wouldn’t that be great!?).

I’m off to work on our vision statement and I have a pretty good idea about who I want to approach for my Board of Directors, so we’re moving forward! Also Sweet Treats for Sweet Mary and Joseph fundraiser is moving along (go here to read more about Mary ) ! What a wonderful season of life. I am going to enjoy every minute and treasure the fact that I am truly a blessed woman to have this opportunity!


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