Brain Drain

So, I am very thankful to have help and support from my Score counselor, but his last email was jammed packed with everything I need to do to get non-profit status for Da Vincineers. Multiple attachments with a huge lot of pages per attachment. I *know* it will be one foot in front of the other, just keeping ticking things off the list, BUT UGGH. I’m tired and I don’t WANNA! I want a magical fairy to fly in and clearly understand the vision I have while making it all flow into a workable business plan. Yes, that would be nice.

Maybe if I was done with my masters I would feel ready to take this on. Maybe if I wasn’t starting to pack, I’d be ready. Maybe if the auction for Mary and Joseph were done I’d be feeling the energy for it. Maybe. Probably not though.

I’m an idea and action girl and I HATE hoop jumping! I know it is necessary and part of the world we live in, but it feels oppressive right now. Sigh. I need to get over that and get ready to get to business. I think I need to work out my plan for accomplishing my plan tomorrow. After all, anything worthwhile takes more than a little effort. I just need to break it down into steps and start walking. This needs to be done and operational as soon as possible. The kids are ready! Time to dig in and get ‘er done people. Any of you magical business plan fairies?


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