First Board Meeting- Mission Statement and Fundraiser

I am truly so happy with the members of our Board of Directors for Da Vincineers. Smart, dedicated, caring people making decisions for what’s best for the direction of this dream. A dream that is becoming a reality!

We crafted our mission statement, which began from the guidance of our vision statement. Each of us wrote one, sent it to each other and then, during the meeting we combined 2 of them to create the statement that will represent our public mission:

Da Vincineers believes in enlivening students’ passion for learning through hands on, self-directed educational experiences inspired by the natural curiosity modeled by Leonardo Da Vinci, enhancing their ability to become critical thinkers.

I believe, as does the board, that it perfectly encompasses our hopes for what we plan to do.

We also made some decisions, important ones, that will guide the direction we plan to take. Once of the biggest was deciding on the curriculum we plan to develop first. Our model for development is a 4 day, 2 hour per day program that includes the following (roughly):
1. Da Vinci background knowledge (general)
2. Da Vinci specific work in the area of focus
3. Marinating in and exploring the focus concept, including Da Vinci’s work and related
4. Taking that knowledge/experience and going where the kids lead (creating something of their own)

I am developing an invention program, Chester an oil painting including linear perspective and Candida is working on 2- myths/writing plus a nature/food curriculum. We plan to be able to present a rough draft to the board by our next formal meeting. This is the STUFF! We also plan to tackle many more areas like cartography, Vitruvian Proportions/Human Anatomy, dramatic production, sculpture, architecture, the eye (don’t underestimate the coolness of this one!), flight, water, astronomy, musical instruments and practical jokes down the road. SOOOOOOOO exciting!

Another thing that our family is focusing on is the Mary and Joseph auction (the online portion runs from July 8th- July 15th) and if you want to learn more about helping these 2 sweet orphans that have waited for over 3 years for a forever family, please visit the auction (with nearly 50 GREAT items) at


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