First Steps for Curriculum!

I am excited! I decided to take my first step for teaching and wrote Day 1 for the Invention program for Da Vincineers. I had planned to wait until I finished reading Fritjof Capra’s “The Science of Leonardo: Inside the Mind of the Great Genius of the Renaissance” first, but I know I can edit later and I have no doubt I will. Chester and I are reading it aloud, together, so it is slower going. Oh, it is inspiring though! After reading together tonight I felt the desire to dive into the real side of this program… planning to work with the kids.

Yes, I need to continue the work on the non-profit status… must dive deeper into those by-laws (pardon me while I barf a little- ICK I hate that stuff!), but for tonight, I accomplished something that makes it feel more real to me. I pictured myself with the kids, sharing about the curiosity, excitement and passion for learning that da Vinci lived every day. I pictured us selecting notebooks and sketching, looking at models to see how they worked, making predictions and testing them out, wondering what in nature might have inspired these idea for da Vinci? Or was there another inspiration?

THIS is the stuff! I can’t wait for the day when it finally, truly, begins.


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