Finding Balance

It has been a while since I’ve done an update. Da Vincineers is moving along- we’ve got our state stuff done and I’ve begun working on the bylaws and curriculum, but I am pondering how in the world I am going to manage all of this, honestly. Being a full-time teacher that wants to give my all to my students and being a mom to 5 (and of course, wanting to do that well!) means that I am already stretched for time. Doing those 2 things justice is tricky and now I am going to add on an after-school program too? What gives in all this? I suspect it will be my sanity! đŸ˜‰

Really, my idea for this was originally to do a SUMMER program, but because Macy’s was hoping to feature it as a project we could immediately put in place, it became an after school program. I have always been a BIG idea person and, truthfully, I get myself in over my head from time to time and I think doing this during the school year is an example of that. But I typically push through and accomplish because it is important to me to be true to my word and meet expectations.

So, I am going to launch this during the school year, but Chester and I are going to take it slow and steady. Our first classes will be at the start of October (hopefully) and I will run one one week, him the next. We’ll reflect and refine and then we’ll run it again and reflect and refine. Then we will launch our next 2 programs. Our goal this year is to have 4 programs up and running (possible up to 5-6 from other contributors, if that works out) during the school year. We will focus just on one school at first and see how it goes to expand.

We WILL include all of the schools in the district for nominations for summer scholarships. Frankly, doing the program in the summer sounds fun and exciting to me, rather than daunting and “too much” like doing it within the school year feels. But we’ll see. I am planning to be flexible, reflective and honest. I WANT to do this so much, but I don’t want to be a subpar mom or Kindergarten teacher. I also would like to keep somewhat sane. Lofty goal, I know!


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