Been A While

So, a lot has happened since my last post. I am on a leave of absence from my job as I take care of my family and work on curriculum for Da Vincineers, among other things. We’re currently remodeling the garage for Da Vincineers, but are unsure whether we will be “allowed” to use the space for our intended use. There have been some concerns raised by a few neighbors after a recent article on our plans in the newspaper. Many others have come out in support. We’re moving slowly and cautiously, but still finishing the space according to the original plan. It may not be that we’re able to use it the way we envisioned, but we’re faithful that it will work out, somehow.

In addition, we are pursuing some other potential options, including working in the schools. The transportation piece may be a complication, but I am going to do my best to still keep that as part of the program. I truly believe that there are kids that need to be served that won’t if they don’t have a ride. But, legalities are an issue. We shall see on that too. I may have to start without transportation for kids and then see about adding that in later. Again, faithful that it will work out, somehow. I’ll just keep moving toward the goal.


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